Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Afternoon -- Home Sick From Church

Ah life...

We are very happy. Amy and I still like each other (sometimes) and our children are happy, lovable, and smart. Brianna is a our inquisitor, she is full of questions and sucks up any thing she sees or hears like a sponge -- Amy and I find our self utilizing pig-Latin on a regular basis. Audrey is Miss Independent, try telling her once in a commanding tone what to do and she will in no uncertain terms let you know that she doesn't take orders from anyone. Thankfully they are (not always) great playmates. From time to time I see glimpses of the possible trials awaiting the roller-coaster of puberty and adolescence -- Brianna has a (putting it delicately) a flair for the dramatic, and Audrey may need a little patience.

Quinn is our special guy, a joy and an enigma wrapped into one. We know the lights are on and somebody is home, but we just aren't sure how to help him to come out. He has for months been noticeably delayed developmentally. Our doctors have noticed it for a while, and I have finally come out (fully) of denial. We have been extremely blessed by local organizations that have provided in home therapies at virtually no cost, as well as state agencies that have given us access to specialist in the fields of neurology and genetics. So far we have not been able to come up with an accurate diagnosis, but we will keep trying until we do or until our doctors have no other test to give.

I am (fearful, no. excited, no.) anxiously awaiting a possible job offer from the IRS. This isn't by any means my dream job, but it would provide solid experience for my resume as well as solid benefits for my family. If it comes through the task of selling our home in the floundering SG market will be daunting, we have already begun pricing out home improvement projects that may add enough equity for us to have a quick sell and a possible down payment on another home. Anyone looking to move to So. Utah?

Monday, October 29, 2007, kind of forgot we had a blog

It's been a while!
Alright- we'll here's the updates.....

Phillip got through another tax season! He enjoyed going to Baltimore a couple months ago for a seminar. He's now on the "down time". He's still showing me up- going to the gym everyday keeping himself fit.

I'm still doing photography on the side. I also received a new calling in the Relief Society- the 2nd counselor. Cool- I think I went to maybe three enrichment activities in my life and now I'm over them. I have no idea what I'm doing. Phillip and I enjoyed going to our first rock concert (well he had been to one, but this was my first). We saw MUSE...totally awesome, we had so much fun.

Brianna is doing well in preschool. She turned four on July 9th. She was asked to do a little solo with another girl for the primary program in our ward. Apparently she's one of the loud singers in primary! She loved it- and did such a cute job. She also has started doing dance- she's in a ballet and tap combo class. She's getting so big I forget that she's not 2 anymore. She is always saying things that make us laugh- for example the other day I couldn't find her church shoes and so I made her wear her crocs. She said, "But Mom, I can't wear these! They are going to ruin my look!" She also is started to read a few words. She's so smart!

Audrey is now in dance class. Well, I don't know if you can call it dance- they more just pretend to be different animals and run around the room (it's for 2 year olds). She loves it. She's now insists on sleeping in Brianna's bed. They are connected at the hip. She loves dancing to music and coloring-on paper sometimes, but mostly on herself. She loves her baby dolls and princesses! She's quite vocal- she knows what she wants. I can't believe she'll be three in January!

Quinn is Quinn (he's now 18 months)! He's got his own timetable. We were able to finally get the kids insured so we went ahead and did a follow-up MRI from the CT scan we got a while back. The CT scan showed a decrease in myelin (which is in the brain). The MRI said the same thing. So we went to a pediatric neurologist and it was nice to talk to someone who had some experience with this kind of stuff! We are doing some tests to rule out a leukodystrophy and will get another MRI in 4-5 months. The doctor said we might not get a diagnosis, and with his experience big heads (as big as Quinn's) aren't better. For some reason the brain doesn't function correctly. But, time will tell what the future holds for Quinn! Until then we are continuing to do physical therapy. He has low muscle tone- he gets around by rolling! In the process of getting him some supports for his feet and ankles to see if we can get him to support himself on his feet. We are on the waiting list for speech therapy (even though he doesn't talk yet-they said it can be helpful!), so that is also on the to-do list. On the road to find what ways to help him....He's our happy content little guy who is a special part of the family.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love Him

A lot of people haven't seen Phillip's new do. I love the shaved head. I look at photos with him and his old hair and I almost don't recognize him. hmmmm mmmm, love me some shaved head.

oh, and I also love me some Optimus Prime....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Returning to the Land of His Birth.....

The motherland is calling their little bambino home...
Shawn has been accepted and is starting school at Universidad Autonoma de Guardalajara...the medical school my dad graduated from and the city where he was born. He begins in August! We are excited for him and hopes he finds his own little Mexican hotty to show this boy how to be a man!!! Congratulations, Shawn.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WOW! We are such great bloggers!!

Hmmm- yeah, well I thought it was time for my once-every-six-month entry! So I'll do my best and try to update the blog....

Phillip survived another tax season, and I actually somewhat enjoyed the lack of husband for three months (do I dare admit....we all know where I'm coming from). He was "there" but very preoccupied. He would often work till 2 am... I would put the kids to sleep and then it would be Amy time!! I got to rent all the stupid cheesy movies that Phillip usually isn't too keen on watching and have a session with my friends Ben and Jerry while they sang Brownie Batter songs in my ear...or mouth, as it were. I learned to enjoy the time instead of being frustrated that I was spending a lot of time alone. Phillip was also happy that his nagging wife wasn't calling him asking when he was going to be home....he already had enough on his plate. Tax season over, he is looking ahead at the future and planning on taking the US Tax Court test, which basically means that he could represent clients in Tax Court. It's one hairy's administered every two years with a 5-10% pass rate!! But if anyone can do it, Phillip can (Mr. First-Time-Passed-EA Exam!......his boss took it three times) OK, enough bragging about him. OK....well maybe not....he's such a great dad and husband. I'm so blessed.

We celebrated our six year anniversary on June 1. This year I decided that we should get decent pictures of ourselves while we are young and somewhat skinny. Our biggest regret with our wedding was our photography!! So for those that are interested, here's the session.

I'm looking forward to a photographers conference in Atlantic City. The big names in the wedding biz are going to be there and I'm hoping that I'll learn a ton and get motivated. It's a three day affair, I can't believe I'm going and spending that much time away from my family. My mom is coming with me to make sure that I wear clean underwear and stay away from strangers!!! It was about time we had a girls vacation.

We just returned from Disneyland yesterday!! Yes! We survived and we had a total blast. We were hesitant about how everything was going to work, but my parents shelled out the big bucks and got everyone rooms at the Grand Californian Hotel. It was the best....we could walk right into the middle of California Adventure and were only a short waking distance to Disneyland. Everyone was there (Erik, Bryan, Shawn, Alex....and family). The girls got to meet Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. Audrey loves Cinderella....she was so cute!! We did a ton and the mom's and dad's got to do their share of rides. Tower of Terror was pretty mom even went on that one...she's still recovering. The last night we were there we enjoyed a great fireworks show from the balcony of our hotel room. Thanks Mom and Dad for a GREAT vacation and even better memories. Love you guys!

Brianna is getting big SO fast...too fast. I freaking broke down at Build-a-Bear at Disneyland... yeah that's right, I cried....she'll only be this age once. Innocent, trusting, wide-eyed, loving....stay this way forever!! She had fun with her first "year" of preschool. She seriously learned a ton. We are so proud of her. She is going to summer school now and getting swimming lessons from a neighbor. She is also learning to play with her sister better. She loves Primary and is such a great daughter. She still says things that make me and Phil crack up. She'll be celebrating her 4 year birthday on July 9.

Audrey turned two in January and shortly after that was potty trained. She's smart and full of energy. She's talking a ton and loves to play with Brianna. She loves her uncle Shawn and her Grandpa. We are often telling her to "cool it" or so and so consequence will happen and she quickly replies "I cool it, I cool it" Phil and I have to hide our faces cause we are often laughing. She's the little comedian and is always trying to get everyone to laugh. While waiting for the electric parade to start at Disneyland all the cousins got out into the parade route and were dancing. Well, Audrey decided it was time for a REAL show....she promptly pulled her pants down (underwear and all). Everyone started laughing...only encouraging her more. Nice....we couldn't have been more proud. That's our Audrey!

Quinn turned one in April. He's such a laid back, loving kid!! He's always smiling and is content with life. He's been my easiest so far!! His favorite toy is a baby doll (much to Phillips dismay). At his last well check the doctor was concerned about his motor skill development (as were we). He gave us a referral for The Learning Center. They came and assessed him and said that he was cognitively right on track but that he had the motor skills of a six month old. So we are working with physical therapist and occupational therapist trying to get his muscle tone improved.

ok- well that's it for now. Till next time---hopefully within the year ;)

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

For a Laugh

This made me laugh hard and I thought I would share it